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Yes, Phillip Phillips of American Idol fame. Yes, he’s completely influenced by Dave Matthews. Yes, it’s a good listen. Color me corny, but it’s kind of inspiring in the naive way only youthful singers can be.

My picks? Thicket and FACE. Which both happen to be songs written by Phillips himself. (Hint to producers: let him do his thing and write his own material.)

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A playlist is just not the same as a mixtape.

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Today’s fun? Toilet trap water dripping from the ceiling after they demolished the bathroom upstairs.

The building on campus where I work is undergoing a renovation that will take several years to complete. Work began last year this time, but we didn’t really get the full effect of how things were going to play out until this past semester, when we experienced random power/internet/phone outages and the inevitable dust/dirt/debris.

Now that the semester is over, things have gone into hyper-drive. Workers are tearing through the ceiling in the food court and access to the third floor is limited. We lost our internet and phone services for about an hour earlier. On the plus side, my computer lab inherited 6 PCs that would have otherwise gone into storage for 2 years. Mind you, I don’t have room for 6 PCs, but I digress.

Then, as I was casually walking to the ladies room, I saw a construction worker who was ready to walk into the ladies room. When he saw me, he hollered at his coworker to “get out of there!” They both assured me it was safe to use. For now. At least I have a restroom. The 3rd floor lost use of theirs this morning.

This is going to be a long summer.


The Black Keys have announced the North American leg of the Turn Blue World Tour.

For details, please click here.

9/13 - PITTSBURGH, PA !!!!

It’s kind of ridiculous how much I have been playing this new Black Keys album since it was posted. The last time I listened to a First Play this much was when Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories was posted. The more you listen, the better it becomes.

The first four songs are killer. Today when I listened to the opener, “Weight of the World”,  I got a full-blown Peter Frampton vibe for a minute. Skip ahead to track 7, “It’s All Up To You”, and you’ve arrived at one of the heaviest/bluesiest/funkiest tracks on this thing IMO. Please turn this one up all the way for full effect. Just be ready to step back and cry in your drink for “Waiting on Words”. This is Turn Blue’s “Little Black Submarine”. 

Prediction: Turn Blue is going to be huge. #theblackkeys

I’ve been listening to new music on Spotify all day. For fans of David Crosby/CSN, this new David Crosby release is a pretty good listen for a snowy day.

Sharon sounds like old Motown. I love it.